Definitions for "Crossdresser"
a person who wears clothing of the opposite sex, usually only part-time. Most male crossdressers consider themselves heterosexual and do not want gender reassignment surgery, though some are bisexual or gay. Many are married. Some transsexuals attempt to live for some time as part-time crossdressers to avoid the cost, disruption and social repercussions of gender reassignment.
Someone who likes to wear clothes of the opposite sex, but does not include full-make, mannerisms etc. The cross-dressing is typically for sexual pleasure or arousal. Some crossdressers do not dress “fully” due to lack of opportunity, for example, they are in a relationship, guilt etc.
someone who feels a strong desire to dress in the clothes of the opposite gender to express their alternative gender identity.  May be occasional, part-time or full-time depending on personal circumstances and strength of feeling.  A mild form of GID that can become more profound in some cases.  Usually heterosexual.
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a sexual deviant and is suffering from mental disorders associated with sexual confusion