Definitions for "Crossbow"
Keywords:  bow, quarrel, weapon, arbalest, prod
A weapon, used in discharging arrows or bolts, formed by placing a bow crosswise on a stock.
(see Arbalest)
Angel - S1 - A weapon of the Slayer.
Crossbow was a 1987 television series about the adventures of William Tell starring Will Lyman and Jeremy Clyde. It was produced by David R. Cappes, Steven North, and Richard Schlesinger and filmed in France.
Keywords:  exidy, xegs, commodore, atari, arcade
Crossbow was a video arcade game first released by Exidy in 1983. It was later published by Atari on the Atari 2600 and 7800 in 1987. It was published by Absolute Entertainment on the Commodore 64 and by Atari for the XEGS in 1988.
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a lil harder to conceal, however
an artifact most people associated with medieval Europe
Operational code name for Allied attacks on V-1 launch sites