Definitions for "Crossbar"
A transverse bar or piece, as a bar across a door, or as the iron bar or stock which passes through the shank of an anchor to insure its turning fluke down.
A horizontal arm that is attached to a sign. The crossbar typically runs perpendicular to the sign's face and parallell to the building's facade. It is used with guy wires to help stabilize building-mounted signs.
The bar, which can be raised and lowered, that is placed between two standards for the high jump.
An imperfection or irregularity in the grain of wood running at right angles to the length of the board.
An imperfection or irregularity in the grain of wood that runs at right angles to the lengthwise grain.
Type of figure or irregularity of grain resembling a dip in the grain running at right angles, or nearly so, to the length of the veneer.
Intermec proprietary data collection network consisting of a 9161 port concentrator or a 9154 controller, data collection devices, printers, and input devices.
an array of buses and transmission gates implementing paths from any input port to any output port
A network in which all input ports are directly connected to all output ports without interference from messages from other ports. In a one-stage crossbar this has the effect that for instance all memory modules in a computer system are directly coupled to all CPUs. This is often the case in multi-CPU vector systems. In multistage crossbar networks the output ports of one crossbar module are coupled with the input ports of other crossbar modules. In this way one is able to build networks that grow with logarithmic complexity, thus reducing the cost of a large network.
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See Hyperplane crossbar
The projecting parts of the Italian hilt, providing leverage to the grip.
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The shape the pointer assumes once any of the tools for drawing lines and shapes are selected.
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what every law student hopes to do on the first try.
a type of connection switch which can handle more traffic