Definitions for "Cross-platform"
Different platforms would include Macintosh®, Microsoft® Windows®, and MS-DOS. An application that is cross-platform can be run on more than one platform; currently, most cross-platform applications are compatible with Microsoft® Windows® and Macintosh® systems (and/or Unix systems).
Sharing files over computer platforms (Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows NT, or UNIX), or referring to file types that can be read on either a Mac or a PC (.gif, .htm, .jpg, etc.).
Term used when referring to issues involving the exchange of information beween MACs and PCs. QuarkXpress and Adobe both have created PC versions of their graphic software applications. The impetus for this is based on sales and profits,however the original versions of these applications were created for MAC workstations and there are many cross-platform problems that need to be addressed between the MAC and PC versions. Areas of cross-platform problems that often occur include: fonts conflict/typeface style conflict), outputting(printing), ability to open email attachments, ability to open files from other system, etc.
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See Multi-Plaform.