Definitions for "Cross Talk"
Interference of one signal with another.
The unwanted signal leakage (acoustical or electrical) across and intended barrier, such as leakage between the transmitting and receiving elements of a dual transducer. Also called cross noise and cross coupling.
A magnetic or electrostatic coupling which causes the unwanted transfer of energy from one circuit (disturbing circuit) to another circuit (disturbed circuit).
Also known as ghosting. Seeing two or more images at the same time from a single viewpoint in a lenticular image. This is caused by several problems including poor registration or a pitch mismatch, images with too much contrast, using too many images/frames, and/or exceeding the resolution capabilities of your output device in conjunction with a particular lens sheet.
"Cross talk" during an OA meeting is giving advice to others who have already shared, speaking directly to another person rather than to the group, and questioning or interrupting the person speaking/sharing at the time.
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