Definitions for "CRM"
Customer Relationship Management. Those aspects of a business strategy which...
Customer Relationship Management. Methodologies, software, and Internet capabilities that help a company to manage and organize customer relationships as well as identify and categorize customers.
Customer relationship management. Software system involving customer-centric automation and management functionallity for sales, service and marketing. Should be integrated with supply chain management and enterprise resource management systems. Digital Asset Management System A software suite to manage digital files (e.g. images, documents, videos, presentations etc.). DAM-software may include functions to convert between file types and may be used as a content repository for other information systems, such as web content management systems.
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A gas reference standard available from NMi. CRMs used to be available from US EPA/NIST, but have been phased out in favor of NTRMs.
Certified Reference Materials
Certified Reference Material. A reference material, for which one or more property values are certified by a technically valid procedure, accompanied by or traceable to a certificate or other documentation which is issued by a certifying body.
Certified reference material; matrix sample containing analytes at concentration values which have been certified by multiple laboratory analysis
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cream pol flr polished floor
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Crumb Rubber Modifier. A general term for scrap tire rubber that is reduced in size and used as a modifier for asphalt paving materials.
COURTESY REPLY MAIL. A preprinted return envelope or card provided as a courtesy to consumers. Postage is paid by the consumers responding to the original mailing.
chromatin remodeling machine
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A measure of the residual useful bandwidth for a given QoS class, after taking into account the SCR.
Measure of difference between effective bandwidth allocation and the allocation for substantial cell rate.
This is a measure of the difference between the effective bandwidth allocation and the allocation for sustainable rate in cells per second.
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Cis-regulatory Module
Cause Related Marketing. A partnership between corporations and causes that benefits both the businesses involved and society, where a brand strengthens its image through support of a cause in the non-profit sector.
Marketing specifically targeted to increasing brand loyalty (Source: IAB)
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Combiner/repeater module. This is a part of the MEG-191.
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Cathode Ray Tube
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see cost/resource model. .
Conceptual Role Model
Cross reacting material. A molecule that reacts with an antibody. A common test for the presence of an inactive protein in cells.
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Criminal Division
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Control Relay, Master
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Data Mining Editing System
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Circuit Reservation Message