Definitions for "CRL"
Certificate Revocation List. Statements made by a CA (Certification Authority) announcing premature expiry of a digital certificate due to any number of conceivable circumstances (key has been stolen or compromised; a person has left a company and his/her authorization is no longer valid, etc.). Checking CRL lists before accepting digital certificates is cumbersome for users; a standard has been devised for an online validation method (OCSP - Online Certificate Status Protocol). _____________________________________________________________________________
List of qualified candidates compiled by Human Resources and forwarded to departments with vacant positions.
See certificate revocation lists
Chalk River Laboratories
Children's Risk Level. CRL 1 (45 CFR 46.404)—Research not involving greater than minimal risk. CRL 2 (45 CFR 46.405)—Research involving greater than minimal risk but of possible direct benefit to the child, in which the risk is at least as favorable to the subject as that presented by available alternative approaches. CRL 3 (45 CFR 46.406)—Research involving greater than minimal risk and no prospect of direct benefit to the individual child, but likely to yield generalizable knowledge about the disorder or condition, in which the risk is minor relative to the potential improvement in knowledge to be applied to general understanding. CRL 4 (45 CFR 46.407)—Research not meeting the specifications above, but which presents an opportunity to understand, prevent or alleviate a serious problem affecting the health and welfare of children. For further information, see the form for Special Population Review – Children/Minors in Section 10, "Forms," of the UAB IRB Guidebook.
(Japan, MPT) Communications Research Laboratory
acronym for rown- ump ength. Used in embryology to accurately stage the early embryo. Used in clinical ultrasound as a measurement between the periods of 7 to 13 weeks as an accurate estimation of the gestational age. (More? Embryo Stages | Ultrasound Movies)
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crew readiness level day; delta; demonstrate
crew readiness level day; demonstrated (for grade slip purposes)
abb. the title "Certified Registered Locksmith" as awarded by ALOA
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Crown-Rump Length
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Control Relay, Latch
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Capital Resource Limit