Definitions for "Criteria"
Standards for evaluation; qualities that can be applied to a wide range of specific behaviors or events. Examples: fun, exciting, inexpensive, interesting, high-quality, bold, practical, new, etc.
The conceptual standards that form the basis for WHPA delineation to include distance, groundwater time of travel, aquifer boundaries, and groundwater divides.
A statement that provides objectives, guideline procedure s, and standards that are to be used to execute the development, design, and/or implementation portions of a project. [D00439] PMK87
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Criteria are instructions to GenMAPP on how to color gene rectangles on a MAPP based on your expression data. In other words, if the data for a particular gene on a MAPP satisfies a criterion statement, the gene rectangle is filled with the color associated with that criterion.
An SQL WHERE statement that subsets the input data before a function is performed.
A set of limiting conditions used in creating a query or filter to locate a specific subset of records.
Criteria is an indie rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. Formed in 2003, when ex-Cursive founding member Steve Pedersen returned to his hometown after graduating from the Duke University School of Law. He spent six months in a friend's basement where he wrote all ten songs for his new project's debut album.
A combination of conditions that must be fulfilled before a Conditional Order is triggered and the subsequent order instruction sent to market. Examples include upper and lower trigger, trigger volume, and after and before times. Also referred to as conditional trigger parameters.
Scientific data evaluated to derive the recommended limits for water uses.
the aspects of a performance that should be considered in evaluating that performance.
Defines potential candiate for surgery
Defines what is appropriate for surgery.
Defines potential candidate for surgery
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State and Federal (NCLB and FCC) requirements.
Characteristics of information used by Career Kokua to generate lists of colleges, occupations, etc.
Customer · Cycle Time · Deployment · Diversity · Draft Comment
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The priorities and requirements laid down by funding bodies, which you have to meet for an application to be successful.
See success criteria.
auditable indicators that reflect key activities in relation to an Expected Outcome.
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a rectangular set of values, with at least one column and at least two rows
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See patient placement criteria.
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The keywords, phrases, operators, or other factors that you want to search for. Documents that meet your criteria are displayed in the search results lists.
Criteria are used to specify which records in a view are to be displayed. This includes a filter to narrow down the records, as well as sorting information to control the order in which the records are displayed.
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(See "scoring criteria.")
Information used to decide what services you need to treat your condition.
What is important to you in a particular context, how you apply a value.
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