Definitions for "Cristallo"
Venetian glass is a very clear and pure colourless glass. ILIGRANA, RETICELLO, RETORTOLI GLASS. This murano glass is formed by colourless rods, inside of which coloured or opaque white threads are enclosed. They are called "reticello" when the threads are interwoven so to form a grid, inside of whose lozenges a small air bubble forms. Glass is called "a retorti" or "retortoli" when threads twist as a spiral. This is one of the most ancient workings, having been used already in the sixteenth century. Probably the most famous Murano glass tecnique, it may be considered the simbol of the venetian glass, expecialy when applied on the classic venetian goblet
Thin, fragile Venetian soda glass c.15th Century, in which the addition of Manganese gave a clear, translucent rock crystal effect
(Italian, "crystal") A term first used in Venice in the 14th century to describe glass that resembles colorless rock crystal. Most Venetian cristallo, however, has a gray or brownish tint.
una massa di molecole disposte in modo armonioso ed ordinato. Nei cristalli polimerici le catene sono allineate in modo ordinato come le matite disposte nella loro confezione. Sono legati insieme strettamente da interazioni secondarie (vedi: interazioni secondarie)