Definitions for "Crisis"
The point of time when it is to be decided whether any affair or course of action must go on, or be modified or terminate; the decisive moment; the turning point.
Maximum point of accumulating obstacles faced by the protagonist in a drama, and leading to the climax, which occurs when he deals with the crisis.
the period of highest tension just before the climax of a film (there can be more than one); the point at which events reach their highest level of tension
A turning point that results from a stressful event or a perceived threat to one's well-being that cannot be readily solved by methods that have been successful in the past.
an emotionally stressful event or a traumatic change in one's life
a critical and often unstable stage in a chain of events
An adverse situation in which urgent decision s are required to prevent the situation from deteriorating further. [D02590] RMW
Reckless heavy short-sales leading to unduly depressed prices. In such a situation, the Governing Board may prohibit short sales, fix minimum prices below which sells or purchases are not permitted and limit further dealings only to closing out of existing contracts.
Response to internal stressers or stressful life events that may seriously interfere with or compromise a person's ability to manage his life. A crisis may be emotional, physical, or situational in nature. The crisis is the perception of and response to the situation, not the situation itself.
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a disaster, and disasters are not minor problems
a disaster, which also means utter destruction and chaos
an immediate problem with very high stakes that draws our total attention
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Crisis (1939) is a feature-length documentary about the 1938 Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, directed by Herbert Kline, Hans Burger, and Alexander Hammid, with narration written by Vincent Sheean and read by Leif Erickson.
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Crisis is a 1946 film directed by Ingmar Bergman. It is a black and white film made in Sweden and with dialogue in Swedish and originally titled Kris. The film was Bergman's first feature as director: he also wrote the screenplay, based on a play by Leck Fischer.
A stage of the in vitro transformation of cells. It is characterized by reduced proliferation of the culture, abnormal mitotic figures, detachment of cells from the culture substrate, and the formation of multinucleated or giant cells. During this massive cultural degeneration, a small number of colonies usually, but not always, survive and give rise to a culture with an apparent unlimited in vitro lifespan. This process was first described in human cells following infection with an oncogenic virus (SV40). See also "cell line", "in vitro transformation" and "in vitro senescence".
a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something; "after the crisis the patient either dies or gets better"
a fork in the road -- the couple turns either toward growth or toward greater alienation
a serious turning point by definition
a crucible that can make or break leadership, says veteran journalist Peter Mansbridge
a sudden discontinuous change in a chaotic attractor as a system parameter is varied
A sudden intensification of symptoms that results in marked inability to function and possibly raising the risk of harm to others or the person in crisis because of overwhelming emotion, disturbed thinking or risky behavior.
In Marcia's terminology, a period of conscious decision making related to identity formation.
a natural outgrowth of a complication as the character works toward an understanding of the complication and finally reaches the point at which he feels circumstances demand a decision or force an action
a time of decision that may ultimately produce either a positive or negative outcome
Crisis is Alexisonfire's third studio album, and the follow up to Watch Out!. The album was released in the UK on August 21, 2006 on Hassle Records and on Shock Records in Australia. Distort Entertainment released the album for Canada a day later than the UK release date, and Vagrant Records followed suit for the US market.
Crisis (formerly Crisis at Christmas)* Official Web Site is a charity based in England which aims to provide support to those who are homeless. The organisation was started in 1971, when a small group of volunteers used a derelict church in London to house and feed homeless people during the Christmas week.
In economics, crisis is an old term in business cycle theory, referring to the sharp transition to a recession. It is still used as part of Marxist political economy. It refers to a period in which the normal process of the reproduction of an economic process over time suffers from a temporary breakdown.
Crisis was a British political punk rock group formed in 1977.
The Crisis on Infinite Earths (usually).
Not to be confused with the DC Comics title Crisis on Infinite Earths.
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a terrible thing to waste
That change in a disease which indicates whether the result is to be recovery or death; sometimes, also, a striking change of symptoms attended by an outward manifestation, as by an eruption or sweat.
Abrupt period of decline of disease symptoms.
a need that develops suddenly and can be alleviated in a short time by outside help, leaving the community essentially no worse off than it was before
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a shortcut to the future
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a shoot-out or a car chase
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a good time to use the knowledge you have acquired to rework your game plan and start going over the above five steps again
Similar to the Canadian "eh." Politicians and reporters just add it automatically.
a time for awakening to new perspectives and for asking different questions
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an interruption
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a powerful motivator
an emergency related to sickle cell disease.
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a judgment that brings out the best in some people and the worst in others
a violation of your organizational vision
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a chance' kind of person
a close encounter of the third kind
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A time when one cannot cope with his illness.
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a good time to make changes
a time when this privilege is withdrawn and he is called on to pay money
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a painful condition brought on by lack of oxygen in the red blood cells, causing them to change shape
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an indication that the old mode of operating is no longer working, and a new approach is required
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a signal for me to learn, not lose
A negative change in the physical and/or mental well-being of a person.
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a powerful force that can change a systems state