Definitions for "Crimped"
Refers to the grooved condition of a cover or page, which is caused by humidity.
Fluted, indented, or pinched e.g.: from pervasive dampness.
Used to describe the condition of a book where a cover or page is grooved, indented, or "pinched"; a condition caused by exposure to excessive humidity. Crimped pages are often also stiff and inflexible.
Rolled with corrugated rollers. The grain to which this term refers may be tempered or conditioned before crimping, and may be cooled afterward.
Kernel of grain rolled by use of corrugated rollers often proceeded by tempering or cooking.
Filament that has been embossed with a wave pattern. Crimp is measured by amplitude and frequency.
When the bristle is not straight, it consists of a number of waves per inch and is measured from the crest of the adjoining waves.
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A leaf style having a notched, frayed-looking edge.
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early type of axle applied to first series models up to 1960