Definitions for "CRI"
Color Rendereing Index. The evaluation of the effect of a light source on the color appearance of the objects in comparison with their color appearance under a reference light source. The higher the index moves toward the maximum of "100", the better the color reproduction.
A number used for rating lite bulbs on a scale up to 100, where 100 is equal to sunlight.
COLOUR RENDERING INDEX. A CIE scale used to indicate the colour rendering accuracy of a light source compared to a reference source of the same colour temperature, and is the average for eight standard colours, Ra8. Expressed on a scale of 1 to 100, a value of 100 indicates no distortion. A low CRI rating indicates that the colours of objects will appear distorted under that particular light source.
Chronic renal insufficiency. Slow and progressive deterioration of kidney function. Also called kidney failure, usually irreversible.
Chronic Renal Insufficiency. CRI is the stage where the kidneys are functioning at less than 50 per cent of normal. Measurement of kidney function is done through laboratory tests that include serum creatinine and/or 24-hour urine collections for creatinine clearance. At this stage, most individuals do not have any obvious symptoms.
chronic renal insufficiency. an irreversible stage of chronic renal failure in which kidney function is compromised but does not yet require dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation; CRI typically precedes ESRD.
Acronym for Cumulative Risk Initiative, which is a network of NMFS scientists working to synthesize information and provide a clear, consistent, and scientifically rigorous decision support for salmonid conservation. The CRI has used matrix modeling of salmonid population dynamics to evaluate extinction risks and the sensitivity of population growth for each ESU to changes in survival as a result of management actions.
CHAMPUS reform initiative
Crime Reduction Initiatives
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Chechnya Republic Ichkeria, The
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'Je suis Waifre, ou Waiferius sum'.
Community Resources, Inc. a private, non-profit Community Action Program serving 11 counties in West Virginia
Community Resources for Independence, Inc.
CONTRIBUTION RATING INCREASE. A Contribution Rating Increase is an annual increase in an employee's base salary, dependent upon an individual’s contribution to the mission of the organization. CRI counts toward an employee's retirement and is a permanent increase that can only be reduced through adverse action. DESCRIPTORS Descriptors are narrative statements that describe contributions typical for the broadband levels, and are the basis for contribution assessment. Descriptors are not used individually to assess contributions but taken as a whole to derive a single evaluation for each factor. DISCRIMINATORS Discriminators are the various categories in which an employee's contribution is assessed. Discriminators for each factor are the same for all career paths and all broadband levels.
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Class Rating Instructor
Concrete Reinforcing Institute
Crown Research Institute.
CRI implies the visualization of a dynamic model. It is not just a “black box” model, it is an active representation whose animation demonstrates how the system works.