Definitions for "Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease"
is a rare prion disorder that can occur sporadically, as a consequence of using infected graft material (eg dural graft - latrogenic CJD) and probably through BSE infected meat (causing new variant CJD). In all cases patients present with a rapidly progressive neurological disorder with dementia, ataxia and myoclonus.
CJD. A fatal, human brain illness with genetic or unknown causes, appears in one person in a million per year.
nbspa rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease of unknown cause. Symptoms are progressive dementia, dysarthria (difficult or defective speech), muscle wasting, and various involuntary movements. Although CJD appears to occur as a predominantly sporadic disorder it can also occur as a dominantly inherited or infective condition.
The Condition"...Researchers have tested many drugs, including amantidine, steroids, interferon, acyclovir, antiviral agents, and antibiotics..."