Definitions for "Creeper"
A plant that clings by rootlets, or by tendrils, to the ground, or to trees, etc.; as, the Virginia creeper (Ampelopsis quinquefolia).
Creepers are vine plants that need to be artificially guided and secured to a support (trained), if they are to grow upright. For instance, they could be trained to grow over an arbour tying the vines loosely with twine
any plant (as ivy or periwinkle) that grows by creeping
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A kind of patten mounted on short pieces of iron instead of rings; also, a fixture with iron points worn on a shoe to prevent one from slipping.
A small, low iron, or dog, between the andirons.
An instrument with iron hooks or claws for dragging at the bottom of a well, or any other body of water, and bringing up what may lie there.
A small bird of the genus Certhia, allied to the wrens. The brown or common European creeper is Certhia familiaris, a variety of which (var. Americana) inhabits America; -- called also tree creeper and creeptree. The American black and white creeper is Mniotilta varia.
A spurlike device strapped to the boot, which enables one to climb a tree or pole; -- called often telegraph creepers.
any of various small insectivorous birds of the northern hemisphere that climb about on trees
a flat board with underlying wheels used to inspect the underside of a vehicle
a padded frame with wheels that you can lay on and roll under your car with while you work
A platform on wheels that allows you to move around easily while lying on your back when you work under your car.
The Creeper is a DC Comics superhero created by Steve Ditko. He first appeared in Showcase #73 (1968).
A clandestine lover who sneaks around town. The Midnight Creeper.
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Crockets. See Crocket.
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a person with really creepy and weird qualities
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Any device for causing material to move steadily from one part of a machine to another, as an apron in a carding machine, or an inner spiral in a grain screen.
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The creeper was the gadget that carried five boxes of stone up to the top of Bell's Heap.
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A ball that is bowled very slowly and often knocks down very few pins.
A slow ball.
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See Rail anchor.
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One who, or that which, creeps; any creeping thing.