Definitions for "Creditors"
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Anyone to whom a business or individual owes money (or services).
people who are owed money by a business. The figure quoted in a company's accounts is a snapshot at the end of the accounting period, not an average figure. This can be misleading if, for example, the company completed a very large purchase just before the end of the accounting period and has not yet settled it.
Legal advice and assistance for debtors in their dealings with people to whom they owe money.
creditors - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
A person or institution which extends credit to others. This can be a bank or other finance institution, or it can be an organisation which allows a certain period (usually 30 days) between the provision of services and the payment due date.
There are three groups of creditors. These include mulitlateral creditors (the IMF and the World Bank), bilateralcreditors (rich country governements), and commercial creditors (banks).
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Accounts payable
An account in the nominal ledger which contains the overall balance of the Purchase Ledger.
Part of a business’s liabilities. Amounts due to third parties. Creditors are analysed in the balance sheet into those due within one year and those due after more than one year.
Persons who claim what is due to them.
Individuals or organizations entitled to receive payments from a company.
Applicable to insurance companies only this is the aggregate sum of all short term liabilities of the company AND its insurance funds.