Definitions for "Credit Cards"
A credit card is required at the time you Register to use our service. Credit card numbers are submitted through our secure server that encrypts your account numbers to prevent unauthorized access. The credit card information is stored with your Account so that you only have to enter it once. You can access your credit card information to change it or add a different card by going to My Account. If you have any questions or concerns about credit card safety, please contact us by using the appropriate links at the bottom of each page.
Phonepower currently accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards for payment. If you wish, we may charge your monthly balance AUTOMATICALLY each month to your credit card, to save you having to process a check. Your invoices will reflect the payment.
charge cards, credit cards, debit and cash cards. It does not include store or distributor's loyalty cards.
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Internet Merchant Account
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a great financial tool
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Plastic. Product with credit facilities.