Definitions for "Crackling"
Keywords:  pork, crispy, roasted, crisp, rind
The well-browned, crisp rind of roasted pork.
The crisp remains that are left behind after frying fat.
The crisp skin on roasted pork.
Semi-sparkling wine; slightly effervescent. Also called frizzante.
The English language term for a wine that is slightly sparkling, or bubbly, due to dissolved carbon dioxide. The French use the term "Petillant" and the Italians use the term I prefer "Frizzante." The slight sparkle in crackling wines is intended to add freshness, and these types of wine are not uncommon in Italy. Some wines that exhibit this slight sparkling character do so less from intent than by accident. Dissolved carbon dioxide that may be unnoticeable at sea level is quite distinct at the high altitude of our offices (almost 9000 feet or 3000 meters). Wine makers are often surprised to find this in their wines when they visit.
Used to indicate a wine that is mildly sparkling.
Keywords:  snaps, sharp, noise, sparked, golden
The making of small, sharp cracks or reports, frequently repeated.
Often displayed in a golden color crackling is actually a noise effect.
the sharp sound of snapping noises
Keywords:  tallow, refuse, dogs, melting, food
Food for dogs, made from the refuse of tallow melting.
Crackilng is produced by quickly cooling glass that has been fired to a carefully-controlled temperature.
A decorative effect of fine cracks in glazed ware used by the Chinese and sometimes imitated in 19th c. England.
Keywords:  randomly, paint, dries, layer, breaks
A painting technique in which water-based and oil-based paints are layer on each other. Due to the difference in drying times, the result is multiple, randomly placed breaks in the paint.
Creating the look of old cracked and aged paint using one of the many crackle mediums available. Generally the medium prevents a top coat of paint from bonding to an under layer of color causing the top coat to crack and separate as it dries.