Definitions for "CPP"
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Certified Payroll Professional.
Canada Pension Plan. The federal pension plan administered by Human Resources Development Canada. It applies in all provinces and territories of Canada except Quebec.
abb. the title "Certified Protection Professional" as awarded by ASIS
Crime Prevention Panel: voluntary consultative body, with charity status, working with the police to arise awareness and promote crime prevention initiatives.
See Commercial Package Policy.
Commercial package policy. A package policy designed for commercial insureds that can provide in one policy, several lines of insurance business as needed by that commercial venture. Lines of business which may be included in the CPP are property/glass, general liability, inland marine, crime, boiler and machinery insurance, and commercial automobile.
FileName Specifies the pathname of the C preprocessor program to use. Although the xrdb command was designed to use CPP, any program that acts as a filter and accepts the , , and flags can be used. Name= Value Passes through to the preprocessor and defines symbols to use with conditionals such as #ifdef.
n. The traditional name for a standalone program implementing the features of the C preprocessor.
See See C preprocessor..
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Cognos Powerplay
Calling Party Pays. The mobile user does not pay for long distance, incoming calls or airtime; has not been utilized in the United States, which operates by having the Mobile Part Pays.
Calling Party Pays. Billing option whereby the person making the call is charged. This is in contrast to billing the recipient of the call.
Calling Party Pays. Calling Party Pays means that inbound cellular calls are not charged to the person receiving the call but are instead charged to the person originating the call, either from a regular phone or another cellular phone. The FCC and some cellular carriers are endorsing the new method of charging inbound calls.
Collaboration Protocol Profile
Combinet Proprietary Protocol.
(Colloboration Protocol Profile)—Profile of a company with a description of its capabilities (Information Technology-related).
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Turbo program Borland Turbo C
Cost per gross rating point. The term refers to the cost of advertising exposure opportunities that equal one gross rating point in a market or one percent of the population. Common to all media.
Cost Per Rating Point, the total cost of an advertising unit divided by the average rating (for the demographic area of interest.
COST PER POINT. A measure of advertising efficiency based on dividing cost by the rating.
Clean Petroleum Products. Refined petroleum products such as petrol, aviation fuel and naphtha. Controllable Pitch Propeller.
Chemical Properties Processor; processor that gathers appropriate chemical properties data from chemical properties database to supply necessary information to Site Definition Processor and modules within Multimedia Multipathway Simulation Processor.
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Conjugate principal point.
Cambodian People's Party
Convention People's Party (was in power from 1957-1966).
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Or .CXX file. A text file containing C++ source code.
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Captive Power Plant
Conditioned Placed Preference. A test where drug injections are associated or paired with distinctive environmental cues.
Certificate in Personnel Practice (awarded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development)
Color progressive proof. A series of proofs intended to illustrate the development of the completed print by showing each color as added one by one.
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County Property Permits
customer payment provider. An agent (usually a financial institution) of the customer that originates and accepts payments on behalf of the customer.
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see Community Proposal Process