Definitions for "CPO"
Chief Privacy Officer. These individuals ensure that customer data is kept safe, and more importantly, customer satisfaction is kept high. Processes CPO may be involved with include spam prevention, protecting customer data that the company already possesses and stopping information requests from being too intrusive (i.e., an e-mail newsletter subscription form that asks for a user's income or gender).
Campus Planning Office,
A person who has attained a Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics.
Commodity Pool Operator. An individual or organization which operates or solicits funds for a commodity pool. A CPO is generally required to be registered with the CFTC.
Commodity Pool Operator. An individual or organization which operates or solicits funds for a commodity pool. Generally required to be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
COMMODITY POOL OPERATOR. an individual or firm in a business similar to an investment trust or syndicate, which solicits or accepts funds, securities or property for the purpose of trading commodity futures contracts or commodity options.
Cost per order or, more precisely, marketing cost per subscription order
The cost of advertising based on the number of orders received. Also called Cost-per-Transaction.
Acronym for cost per order. The sum of all production and media costs (creative, printing, lettershop, postage, etc.) divided by the total number of orders received.
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Abbreviation for "Control Panel Overlay"
"Control Panel Overlay"; See CONTROL PANEL OVERLAY
Acronym for "Control Panel Overlay." A CPO is a piece of vinyl or similar material originally used to cover the metal or wood control panel, display control instructions and branded game art.
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ommunity ost ffice - A contract postal unit that serves a small community.
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Conditional Payment Obligation. The Conditional Payment Obligation has the same core characteristics as the payment Obligation product, with the additional requirement that payment will not be released until evidence that all conditions attached to the payment have been met or waived. As with the Payment Obligation, the Buyers Financial institution is not obliged to make the payment if, for instance, there are insufficient funds available in the Buyers account, and the product is bilaterally revocable.
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computer printout
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Catalytic partial oxidation
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Crude Palm Oil
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County Probation Act
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Computer print out paper.