Definitions for "CPE"
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customer premises unit
Refers to the telephones, computers, DSL modems, and similar devices owned by our customers and connected to the telephone network from their homes or offices.
Equipment that is on the customer side of the point of demarcation, as opposed to equipment that is on a carrier side. See also point of demarcation.
Contrato de Primeiro Emprego
Contrato de Primer Empleo
Contrato do Primeiro Emprego
Contrat de Premiè re Embauche
Contrat Premier Embauche
Clinical Pastoral Education
Certified Public Electrologist, a credential given by the AEA
Continuing Professional Education is a requirement for all CPAs holding a license to practice or certificate of membership of a state board. Over a 3-year period 120 hours of CPE is normally prescribed with a minimum of 20 hours every year. Fulfilling CPE rule entitles renewal of CPA license or membership certificate.
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Common Professional Exam, a conversion course for non-law graduates. Very similar to the GDL.
The average cost an advertiser pays for a conversion or sale at their website. Calculated by dividing total cost of clicks by number of conversions.
Common Professional Exam. Either the CPE or GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) needs to be taken by non-law graduates before they can begin their Legal Practice Course (LPC).
Chlorinated polyethylene can be used as either a thermoplastic or thermoset. It is a tough chemical and oil-resistant material and makes an excellent jacket for industrial control cable. As a thermoset, it can be used as an oil resistant cord jacket. Other outstanding properties include low water absorption and superior crush resistance, which are important attributes in industrial control applications.
Chlorinated Polyethylene jacketing material.
see chlorinated polyethylene
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yto athic ffect; different viruses will kill different cells used to grow them in culture in certain, ways; this is called the cytopathic effect
Solvent hlorinated oly thylene. A melting agent to form seams in shower pan liners
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ircle of robable rror A circle of carefully considered radius around an estimated or desired position, within which you have a high probability of being located.
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Cazenove Private Equity
Certificate of Proficiency in English. Widely accepted English language qualification. Managed by UCLES.
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Component Property Editor
Construction period extension
Cover Page (file name extension)
Complete Physical Examination
the term for the computer generated (electronic) patient record that is being developed.