Definitions for "CPD"
Catmerica Police Department
Continuous Professional Development
Continued Professional Development
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Centros de Processamento de Dados
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CDF Preparedness Directive
Construction Product Directive (Directive 89/106/EEC)
Capabilities Production Document. A formatted document prepared by the user, and refined from the CDD, to identify production attributes specific to a single increment of capability. The CPD supports the Milestone C decision.
Cephalopelvic disproportion, i.e. when the baby's head or body is too large to fit through the maternal pelvis.
Citrate, Phosphate, Dextrose (solution)
Central Procurement Directorate
Civilian Personnel Directorate
County Program Director. Each county has a specialist with county program director responsibilities that include general program leadership in the county, office management, resource development and work with extension councils in carrying out their responsibilities.
Competition Policy and Deregulation
Consortium for Purchasing and Distribution
Central Processing and Distribution
Common Path Distortion. The interference of return path signaling caused by the forward path.
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circuit protection device