Definitions for "Cowboy"
A cattle herder; a drover; specifically, one of an adventurous class of herders and drovers on the plains of the Western and Southwestern United States.
a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback
someone who is reckless or irresponsible (especially in driving vehicles)
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Any King. A pair of Kings would be referred to as Cowboys.
A king, any suit
Slang term for a repair man who carries out a poor quality job at a high price
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SCRA driver Tony Jones.
Cowboy is an album recorded by Erasure in 1997 and released by Mute Records in the UK. In the U.S., it was released by Madonna's former label Maverick Records. Cowboy was produced by Gareth Jones and Neil Mc Lellan and marked the band's return to more simplistic three-minute synthpop music.
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a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging
an old earthling whichliked to carry around a piece of metal that made people fall backwardswhen he pulled a little metal trigger and they also liked to ride on thebacks of these four legged creatures that were known for taking big shits)
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a independent man with a love of family and courage
a man of hard work and integrity, of toughness and compassion for the weak
a man tethered by God to nature herself
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a model of self-determination, a John Wayne who can hoist himself up by his red sox-straps and summon the slugger within when it really matters
When a skater has his front foot on the outside plate and his back foot on the outside plate. This trick is also known as the Cab Driver and it resembles a mix of a Torque and a Backslide. The name Cowboy comes from the bowed shape of the legs when doing this trick.
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Cowboy is a southern blue-eyed soul group who recorded for Capricorn Records in the 1970s. First formed in 1971, re-formed with a lineup change in 1977. Also sometimes known as Boyer & Talton.
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"Cowboy" was the eighth episode of the M*A*S*H television series. Originally shown on November 12, 1972 and repeated May 6, 1973, it was written by Bob Klane and directed by Don Weis.
One of the marauders who, in the Revolutionary War infested the neutral ground between the American and British lines, and committed depredations on the Americans.
an American Treasure
Rough and unqualified worker.
a good worker
a humble agricultural worker-a Fastest guns hit St
a goodie, and since we're a week late, you get instant gratification when you submit your answers - the solutions will appear on the same page as your score
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Pulling the knees apart during tuck shape to shorten radius of gyration and gain more rotation
n. A very hot, professional deckjockey.
A professional, usually criminal, ICE-breaker.
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a band that deserves to be held amongst the highest honor known to the world of metal
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a multi-talented person
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a better song
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a symbol of humanity