Definitions for "Covert"
Sheltered; not open or exposed; retired; protected; as, a covert nook.
A place that covers and protects; a shelter; a defense.
One of the special feathers covering the bases of the quills of the wings and tail of a bird. See Illust. of Bird.
Rugged, water-repellent fabric made with a compact twill weave and tightly twisted worsted yarns. Usually, two shades of a color are twisted together, creating a two-ply yarn with a flecked or specked appearance. Used for top coats, suits, and sportswear.
A medium-weight twill fabric often used for raincoats, with a mottled appearance.
a medium to heavy twill fabric with a contrast in color between the twill line and the ground . Usually has a mottled or flecked appearance caused by using a warp yarn with 2 or more colors twisted together. The filling generally is of a single color.
Covered over; private; hid; secret; disguised.
A CCTV surveillance system that uses hidden cameras and lenses is considered to be covert.
A method of hiding cameras and lenses
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a flock of coots
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Subtly or out of conscious awareness
Under cover, authority or protection; as, a feme covert, a married woman who is considered as being under the protection and control of her husband.
of a wife; under the protection of her husband
B. V. Covert and Company was a manufacturer of automobiles in Lockport, New York.
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A proprietary screen joining technique developed by SEOS to give essentially zero-gap joins between flat panel back-projection screen sections.