Definitions for "Covered Person"
Person who meets eligibility requirements and for whom payments are made by contractually specified covered services.
A person who pays premiums into the contract for the benefits provided and who also meets eligibility requirements.
means any of the following: 1. the Named Insured; or 2. any eligible family member named in the application (Covered Family Member) and not excluded from coverage by a signed waiver; or 3. any eligible family member added to this Policy by endorsement after the Effective Date; or 4. a newborn child. Under an “Individual” Policy, newborn children are automatically covered from birth for a period of 90 days of the birth or before the next premium due date, whichever is later. In order to have coverage continue beyond such 90-day period, notification of the birth of a child and payment of a “Family” premium must be paid to Us within 90 days. If this is a “One Parent Family” or a “Two Parent Family” Policy, newborn children are automatically covered from birth. It is not necessary for You to notify Us of the child's birth, and there is no change in premium.
is an Employee or Dependent who is covered under this Plan.
a person who is covered under a plan.
The employee or any of the employee's dependents whose coverage is in effect under the contract.