Definitions for "Covered Employee"
A full-time or part-time employee occupying a part or all of an FTE position who has completed the probationary period and has a "meets" or higher overall rating on the employee's performance evaluation and who has grievance rights. If an employee does not receive an evaluation before the performance review date, the employee must be considered to have performed in a satisfactory manner and be a covered employee. This definition does not include employees in positions such as temporary, research grant or other Non-FTE employees who do not have grievance rights.
an individual who is provided coverage under the group health plan by virtue of his or her performance of services for one or more people that maintain the plan
An individual who is (or was) provided coverage under a group health plan by virtue of the performance of services by the individual for 1 or more persons maintaining the plan. Covered employee includes retirees, independent contractors, self-employed persons and partners of a partnership.