Definitions for "coverage"
The survey includes plants classified in manufacturing, mining and electric utility industries as defined by the 1997 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). For manufacturing, the survey covers NAICS subsectors 311-339, for mining NAICS subsectors 211-213 and for electric utilities NAICS industry 22111.
A choice of coverage that can be selected to fit the needs of a family. There are usually 4 coverage selections: employee, employee/spouse, employee/child(ren), employee/family.
Approximately 17,000 manufacturing and publishing plants, (with 5 or more paid employees), defined by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), were randomly selected to complete this survey. Probability of selection was proportionate to a measure of size obtained from the 2002 Economic Census. The survey covers NAICS subsectors 311-339 and 5111.
a collection of associated thematic maps represented as one digital map. Coverages are composed of the geographical spatial features (represented as points, lines, and polygons), and attribute features which describe the spatial features. (This definition is particular to Arc/Info although it is used in some other GIS packages, this concept may have other names in other GIS software).
A coverage is a type of geographic layer which has data of some type, in tabular format, associated with geographic location data, usually in a form of a digital map. Coverages are more complex than shapefiles; one coverage can have many types of shape layers associated with it. They are stored in directories named after the coverage. Be careful opening a coverage in Arcview, because double clicking will only open the default feature, which is usually polygons. Coverages use INFO files to store their tables.
The geographic area reached with specified intensity by an advertising medium. Also that reaction of an audience that is reached one or more times by a particular advertising schedule.
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The aggregate of risks covered by the terms of a contract of insurance.
the state of being insured; insurance.
The type and range of benefits-services, procedures, medical items-for which an insurer will pay. Coverage will vary from payer to payer.
The tracking of a stock by an analyst. The initiation of coverage leads to the...
Descriptive and diagnostic document of a treatment, book, or script provided by story department readers for executives making acquisition decisions in theatrical film and television. Includes synopsis plus the reader's opinion.
a reader's report on a script which is generally comprised of three parts. The first page is generally the most basic of information on the material: title, who wrote it, genre, date, draft, time period, who submitted to, who submitted by, etc.. The report also consists of a synopsis of the script which is usually a one page to two page description of the story (or events that take place in the script). And the last part of the report involves comments by the reader on what elements if any the liked and or disliked about the script's story, characters, writing, originality, etc..
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The area (usually given in square inches or feet) that a given material will coat-out, e.g., a quart of paint will provide coverage for 100-square feet.
Referring to the ability of a coating to cover a surface. Often referred to as spread rate calculated in either square feet per gallon or square meters per liter.
The spreading rate of a paint or coating, usually expressed in metres squared per litre. Coverage figures are a useful guide, but it's worth remembering that practical coverage will vary from modeller to modeller depending on the paint ing style, for example if the paint is applied more thickly.
the areas reached by a radio transmission signal, or group of people reached by a communications medium, such as television or a newspaper.
the news as presented by reporters for newspapers or radio of television; as, they accused the paper of biased coverage of race relations.
Coverage is the amount of ink on a paper sheet, usually given in percentages.
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The Dublin Core element used to designate the extent or scope of the content of the resource. Coverage will typically include spatial location (a place name or geographic co-ordinates), temporal period (a period label, date, or date range) or jurisdiction (such as a named administrative entity). Recommended best practice is to select a value from a controlled vocabulary, and that, where appropriate, named places or time periods be used in preference to numeric identifiers such as sets of co-ordinates or date ranges. See also section 4 of the Dublin Core Users Guide.
The area that the data covers. Substitutions include "spatial" and "temporal".
a proprietary vector format used by ESRI software
The proportion of a target group who have an opportunity to see one or more commercial transmissions
The proportion of a data set for which a classifier makes a prediction. If a classifier does not classify all the instances, it may be important to know its performance on the set of cases for which it is ``confident'' enough to make a prediction.
calculated in percentages, the proportion of a target audience who has the opportunity to see an ad once
The degree in which a base material is covered. The mileage of an ink or coating.
The extend to which the ink covers the paperstock. Often expressed as light, medium or heavy.
The amount of ink on the page. Always let your printer know if there are large solid areas of 100% ink on a job and the overall ink coverage. It better allows the printer to place your job on the appropriate press.
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refers to all the shots, including closeups and reverse angles, that a director takes in addition to the master shot, to make up the final product; to have proper coverage means having all the proper scenes, angles, lightings, close-ups, and directions
Coverage is used to describe the architecture of breaking down a script into the shots that will allow the scene to be cut together. Although coverage addresses the bare-bones question of getting shots that will cut together smoothly, it is important not to be too distracted from bigger aesthetic question of getting the right shots for the scene to work. [Go to source
the photographing of a scene from various views and using various exposures
Automatic redirection of calls from an unanswered phone to another phone. Redirection could be to the extension of a receptionist, secretary, coworker, AUDIX, or message center. A person who provides coverage is a covering user.
Coloring gray or white hair.
Coverage is a measure of a haircolor's ability to cover gray. Some haircolor formulations are too transparent to effectively cover gray hair. Covering gray also requires a special color formulation in order to avoid flat or unnatural results. Redken Color Gels Permanent Conditioning Haircolor provides exceptional gray coverage with resistance to fading.
A term usually connected with revenue bonds; the margin of safety for payment of debt service, reflecting the number of times (e.g., 2 to 1) by which annual revenues, either on a gross or net basis, exceed annual debt service.
The number of times income will meet (or exceed) fixed charges. (1) Municipal bonds: Net revenues divided by annual debt service (2) Corporate interest coverage: E.B.I.T. divided by interest expense. (3) Preferred divided coverage: Net Income divided by preferred dividends.
The number of times income will meet (or exceed) fixed charges. (1) Municipal bonds: Net revenues divided by annual debt service. (2) Corporate interest coverage: Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT ) divided by interest expense. (3) Preferred dividend coverage: Net Income divided by preferred dividends.
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Coverage is a 2003 cover album by singer Mandy Moore.
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A digital analog of a single map sheet having one theme such as roads, soils, streams, vegetation, elevation, etc. Related terms: layer, level.
Because service quality can vary by geography, service providers offer a service coverage map based on zip code.
This is a layer of detail of a particular type on a map. For example, a map showing Ward boundaries may have the following coverages: DHA boundaries, major roads, locations of GP surgeries and location of towns and cities.
Also "pass coverage": the offensive receivers are "covered" by the defense. Heittopuolustus (Pinomaa)
a partition of a region into non-overlapping sub-regions such that every point in the region is either inside one of the sub-regions, or on the boundary of one or more sub-regions
preventing a player from gaining yards; in pass coverage, a defender follows a receiver to prevent him from catching a pass; in kick coverage, members of the kicking team try to prevent a long kick return.
See layer.
a basic unit ofdata organization, and can be thought of as a separate layer of informationwithin a library
Amount of weather protection provided by the roofing material. Depends on number of layers of material between the exposed surface of the roofing and the deck; i.e. single coverage, double coverage, etc.
The relation between what is tested by the test set and what may be tested. The concept is applied frequently in relation to the program code ('with the available test cases, x% statement or condition coverage is achieved'), but the application is also conceivable regarding functional specifications (paths, conditions, interfaces).
The degree, expressed as a percentage, to which a specified coverage item has been exercised by a test case suite.
Test Coverage: The degree to which a given test addresses all specified requirements for a given system or component. Requirements Coverage: The degree to which a given set of tests addresses all known or implied requirements for a given system or component. Requirements coverage applies to all test levels. Code Coverage: The degree to which a given test or set of tests addresses all statements or paths in a given system or component. Generally, this equates to unit and possibly string testing. Coverage is usually measured as a percentage.
The amount of bonded phase on a silica support in bonded phase chromatography. The coverage is usually described in mmol/m2 or in terms of percent C.
The ability of a pigmented color to conceal or cover a surface.
A measure of the ability of the adhesive to be spread over adherend surfaces; the total amount of adhesive required per 1000 sq ft of bonded assembly.
The percent of completeness with which a metal braid covers the underlying surface.
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a limited and costly proposition
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A GIS file format type created in ArcInfo. Data–Information known about real world entities.
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Promise by a third party to pay for all or a portion of expenses incurred for specified health care services.
Services that a heath plan agrees to cover.
The products and services your health plan is willing to pay for.
an important event that requires preplanning by facilities, patients, and their families
When talking about screening programmes, people often talk about coverage. This is the number of people actually screened. For example, there are sometimes concerns that coverage is poor amongst families from particular backgrounds or religions. The success of screening programmes is sometimes measured by the coverage achieved.
the range of topics treated in a discourse or document, or the depth to which a subject is discussed; as, a news program may have extensive coverage of an event.
The designated volume of airspace within which reliable information is produced by a facility.
the range of items covered. Coverage may be small (narrow coverage}, or large (broad coverage or wide coverage).
In bibliographies, the range of years and number and type of publications included
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Critical Illness Rider
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When the Act applies to a worker or undertaking.
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the act or fact of covering; to hide from sight or knowledge
the perils (or causes of loss) which are covered in a policy.
product policy
The specific wording of the policy describing "what" is covered.
The routing or placement of transit advertising messages on a network of locations.
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See Fault Coverage.
the type of marking, for example, if one offensive player is marked by two opponents, that is called double marking
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a very real barrier
a simple registration of interest
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a body of evidence equal to that which he would present to the court
The level to which data objects represent the existence of their corresponding real-world object.
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a better value than an individual or high-risk plan
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a major change because until recently
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Companies in for-profit businesses.
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a company's ability to take on debt.