Definitions for "Couscous"
Keywords:  semolina, durum, pasta, flour, wheat
A kind of food used by the natives of Western Africa, made of millet flour with flesh, and leaves of the baobab; -- called also lalo.
Couscous is a Moroccan staple. It is eaten with many meals, and almost every day. It is made from durum-wheat semolina with salt and water.
It is the separated grain of the wheat plant. When dried and milled, it becomes semolina flour, which is what pasta is made out of. However, as a grain, it makes a terrific rice substitute that has the advantage of being more flavorful (nutty with an interesting texture as long as it is not over cooked) as well as about five times quicker to make than rice.
A lamb stuffed with almonds and raisins and roasted whole.