Definitions for "Court of appeal"
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A court which hears appeals from lower courts, usually consisting of three judges• Bail• Civil Courts• Criminal Courts• Time Limits in Criminal Matters
The Court of Appeal is a vital part of the Supreme Court in England and Wales that is divided into a Civil Division and the Criminal Division. If a civil or criminal case is disputed in the High Court or Crown Court, then the accused can bring a case to appeal. Only one quarter of all cases on appeal actually get through to the Court of Appeal, and if the dispute is not resolved there, it will transfer to the House of Lords.
An intermediate federal court, inferior to the U.S. Supreme Court but higher than U.S. District Court. Its function is to review the final decisions of the district courts, is challenged. There is a Court of Appeals for circuit in each of the judicial circuits.
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The second highest court in New Zealand.
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The second level of national court in the UK, in-between the High Court and the House of Lords.