Definitions for "coupe"
Keywords:  sedan, sae, compartment, luggage, rear
The front compartment of a French diligence; also, the front compartment (usually for three persons) of a car or carriage on British railways.
A four-wheeled enclosed carriage for two persons inside, with an outside seat for the driver; -- so called because giving the appearance of a larger carriage cut off.
a two-door automobile with front seats and a luggage compartment.
an area of forest harvested in a single operation; usually 10 to 300 hectares harvested over a single season
A defined area of forest, usually with consistent characteristics.
Area of forest that is planned for logging; or area that has been logged.
Similar to the disengage in that it involves changing a line. However insted of dropping the point under the opponent's blade, you lift your blade over the opponent's blade.
One foot cuts the other away and takes its place. A sharp cutting exchange movement of the feet. May be executed in the air or on the floor.
See cut-over.
coupe project stands for qp as 'quick pages'. It's goal is to create specification for stricte informative pages/sites described and signed as coupe ready. Coupe will combine the best from xhtml, web accesibility and web usability afflictions.
Keywords:  cream, goblets, ice, dish, silver
Ice cream that is topped with fruit and traditionally served in stemmed glasses or silver goblets.
French for a dish of ice cream.
A short, squat glass used for sparkling wine. A flute-shape is preferable because it preserves the effervescence longer.
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1963-1967 fixed-top Corvettes; also T-top 1968-1982 models, and removable-roof panel 1984 and newer models.
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
a vehicle with sporty styling and driving character