Definitions for "counsellor"
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same as counselor.
An officer of the University who provides academic counselling and psychological guidance in cases of stress, tension and crisis situations.
A person attached to the Student Services department who helps students determine career goals and objectives, or assists in dealing with issues relating to success in post-secondary education from stress to techniques for becoming a better student.
A health professional who helps clients and families evaluate their patterns of problem solving and develop more effective ones.
A counsellor is a trained listener who can explore issues and options with an individual or couple and offer a variety of ways to help clients find their own truth.
some who gives advice about problems
someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp
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a lawyer who pleads cases in court
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an ideal person to work through your feelings with
a person who can help you deal with your feelings
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a member of a council
A person who is qualified to do counselling. To provide counselling recognised by the Family Law Act, a counsellor must be approved (see approved counsellor)• Family Counselling and Dispute Resolution
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a great place to start, if your school has one