Definitions for "counseling"
Keywords:  guidance, advice, cope, solve, faculty
direction or advice as to a decision or course of action.
The professional guidance of an individual in a specific area.
Aid provided by a staff member or peer (student) in relation to an educational, personal, or social problem.
The act of advising clients on a variety of real estate investment or development matters.
The process of advising or assisting an individual concerning career plan work requirements, or the quality of work performed. [D00434] PMK87
Services may focus on a specific issue such as career, grief, addictions, health, etc., or a variety of issues found in family and marital challenges. Typically shorter term than psychotherapy in duration, it will address specific behavioral patterns exploring and finding new options to help facilitate change.
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The process used by supervisors to address employee performance issues and outline expected improvements before proceeding to the more formal University Corrective Action process. See Coaching and Counseling Procedures. See Performance Management Policy. Date of Hire The Original Date of Hire is the date when an employee first established an employment relationship with the University. The Adjusted Date of Hire is the date an employee established a regular employment relationship with the University, taking into account breaks in service and periods of temporary/on-call employment.
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Center Counseling services are available by appointment or on a drop-in basis, Building 5, Room 204, 650.306.3452.
Mental health services for individuals, families, couples, or other groups of people.