Definitions for "Cosmid"
Keywords:  phage, plasmid, lambda, clone, vector
Cloning vector used to carry large segments of DNA into and out of cells; derived from bacteriophage lambda.
Cloning vector that typically contains insert sizes of 60-120kb. These vectors are hybrids of lambda phages and plasmids and can be propagated as plasmids or packaged like phage. The name comes from the fact that these vectors retain the phage cos sites that are used for lambda head stuffing. These are generally maintained in multiple copies in E. coli. Read more about cosmids references: Evans GA et al. High efficiency vectors for cosmid microcloning and genomic analysis. Gene 1989; 79(1):9-20. Coulsan A et al. The physical map of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome. Methods Cell Biol 1995; 48:533-50.
A type of vector used to clone large DNA fragments. ( Figure 7-16)
an artificially constructed structure