Definitions for "Cos"
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Cos provides a high level interface to application developers wishing to manipulate objects stored in a corportate wide data source lightweight data entries are manipulated by services that are able to appear and dissapear across the network as needed.
Cost of Sales. Direct cost of services and production.
Category of Service A service or group of services which the provider is eligible to render under the Medicaid program. Provider services are categorized for processing and reporting purposes. COS is assigned by New York State at the time of enrollment.
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carbonyl sulphide
Carbonyl sulfide
lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head
Change of Status without leaving the United States. Application submitted to INS on form I-539. If request approved, new visa status is granted.
The elongated leaves of this variety make it easily recognisable, it has a firm texture and a subtle nutty flavour. Uses: The classic lettuce for Caesar salad with garlic, croutons, eggs and Parmesan cheese.
Chief of Station
Consul- Under the Republic the two elected consuls were the chief civil and military magistrates of Rome. Perhaps to preserve some semblance of the old Republic, from vanity, from a desire to appear more exalted, or for some other reason, the emperors assumed the office of the consulship or bestowed it as a sign of favor on a relative or friend. The emperors sometimes held successive consulships, hence on coinage a numeral will often appear after the title.
Chief of Staff (Operations)
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A method for sharing attributes between entries in a way that is invisible to applications.
Acronym for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. CRAX - What prevents non R/H-ers from seeing the error of their ways. Like FREAX, KEWL, SMAX, SUX, and ROX, it must be written in capitals only.
Centrum voor Onderzoek en Statistiek
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Call Out Size. The nominal size of a window or door. In other words the "name" of the size. For instance, a window that is 3 feet wide and 4 feet high would have a call out size of 3040. SWISCO uses "call out sizes" for new bi-fold closet doors and new patio glass door sets. am Lock A pivoting type latch usually attached by a screw or rivet to the top rail of a single hung sash or the centermost side rail of a sliding window sash. The latch locks to the meeting rail, some type of keeper, or strike plate attached to the meeting rail. Click Here To See Cam Locks In SWISCO's Catalog.
The Cosine function takes an argument of type double and returns a type double. The argument is assumed to be in radian angle measure (180 degrees = pi radians).
Displacement (or phase shift) power factor. The angle – indicates the number of degrees of displacement that exists between the voltage and current waves. Technically, displacement power factor describes only one aspect of total power factor, but most commonly, the term "power factor" is assumed to mean "displacement power factor".
ratio of the adjacent side to the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle
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user Leading user provisioning software from Open Systems Management (OSM) with specific relevance to large UNIX and Linux sites. See
Chain of signatures. A security procedure used in shipping Controlled Drugs and firearms that requires a special bill of lading for multiple signatures, usually six, representing an employee at each stage of shipment handling.
Cash on Shipment.
See Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation.
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Computer scrap.
(Company Organization Survey) Solicits information annually from large companies in the economic censuses concerning changes in their organization. (Economic Planning and Coordination Division)
Corporation for Open Systems. A vendor and user group for conformance testing, certification, and promotion of OSI products. [Source: RFC1208
the abbreviation for cloth one side, similar to CI sheet except that one fabric ply is exposed at the surface. Generally not friction on the exposed side.
Community of Science A web server containing information about scientific expertise, funded scientific research, and funding opportunities for research.
see ‘Community of Science’.
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the lower house of the legislature in the Kingdom.
Code-Operated Switch
Chemical Operation Specialist.
Cable Operated Switch
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Costs Of Sale