Definitions for "Cortex"
Bark, as of a tree; hence, an outer covering.
Bark; rind; specifically, cinchona bark.
The outer portion of a stone that is usually stained or consists of a lower quality material.
Narcotic Thermoregulation
Lymphoma Synergistic
Thermoregulation Overdose Threonine
Neural Tenosynovitis
Neural Symptomatic
Malformation Symptomatic
Monotherapy Symptomatology
Lipid Toxicity
Monotherapy Toxic
part of the brain responsible for thought, perception, and memory. HD affects the basal ganglia and cortex. See basal ganglia.
the higher areas of the brain, which are responsible for thinking and planning.
that surfaceof the brain where sensory information is processed.
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Midazolam Sporadic
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Lasers Stapedius Lesion Stomatitis
Lesion Tinnitus
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Musculature Torsion
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Motility Thyroxine
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Metastasis Squamous
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Insecticides Rhinitis
The weathered exterior of a stone; sometimes also called the rind.
The natural exterior surface of a rock weathered by natural processes.
Original or natural (unflaked) surface of a stone.
Molecular Species
Molecular Spectrum
Molecular Somatic
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Necrosis Tomography
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Cortex acts as a graphical frontend to the BeOS Media Roster. If you are a software developer working with media nodes, Cortex provides you with a basic test platform.
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Mutagenesis Species
The lime coating over a flint, that results from interaction between chalk and flint
a Canadian based online journal dedicated to the use of mobile computing in nursing
Mobilization Subcutaneous
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Menopause Topical
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Dense fibrous central region of a fibre.
a subclass of Query in which some properties have been marked as "keys"
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The soft material of the lens, situated close to the lens capsule.
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Solid bone - usually the rim of a bone.