Definitions for "Corridor"
An area of land that connects core areas to other core areas. Corridors generally follow rivers and streams, and wildlife migration routes. They are taken from both public and private lands.
a connection between adjacent land areas that allows the passage of fauna form one area to the other (Morris 1992).
a band of vegetation, usually older forest, which serves to connect distinct patches on the landscape. Corridors are part of the Forest Ecosystem Network (FEN) and by providing connectivity permit the movement of plant and animal species between what would otherwise be isolated patches.
Broad geographical band connecting major sources of trips.
A defined route through a country's airspace which is permissible for foreign aircraft to use.
A corridor is a transportation pathway connecting communities and points of interest. A "corridor" is more than just the roadway, it also includes the area surrounding the roadway. For example, a corridor might include a single type of transportation (e.g. roadway) or multiple means of mobility (e.g. roadway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian pathway). In the development or enhancement of a corridor, from a context sensitive standpoint, all key influencing factors such as the environmental context, adjacent land use, community character and scenic features, are considered.
A gallery or passageway leading to several apartments of a house.
any relatively narrow passageway or route, such as a strip of land through a foreign territory.
A long passageway or hall, providing access to another area.
An amount over the expected claim amount that losses must exceed before losses are payable by the reinsurer. Typically used with stop loss reinsurance. See Stop Loss.
In reinsurance, an amount above the ceding company's retention limit that a risk must meet or exceed before any part of the risk is ceded to a reinsurer. The purpose of the corridor is for the ceding company to avoid ceding small amounts of coverage.
(1) In the United States, the required difference between a universal life insurance policy's face amount and the policy's cash value. This difference is a specified percentage that depends on the insured's age. If a policy's cash value exceeds the required percentage of the face amount (that is, intrudes on the corridor), the policy will be considered an investment contract rather than an insurance contract. Also called the TEFRA corridor. (2) In reinsurance, an amount of insurance which is in excess of the ceding company's retention limit but which is less than the reinsurer's minimum cession. The ceding company must usually retain this amount of insurance.
Corridor is an Indian graphic novel, written and illustrated by Sarnath Banerjee, set in contemporary Delhi. A shop owner by the name of Jehangir Rangoonwalla interacts with other residents of Delhi that all visit his shop.
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I-287 from Suffern to Port Chester, including the Tappan Zee Bridge
Section of Motorway between the Channel Ports in N.East France & Belgium border. Allows trucks to run between the ports and Belgium on Sundays & Holidays when trucks are banned from running on other French Roads. Note! This exception does not apply to vehicles running under ADR regulations.
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A map region or area of user-specified width drawn around one or more map features. Related term buffer.
1. SGD definition. A map region or area of user specified width drawn around one or more map features. 2. Title Processing System (TPS) definition. A portion or area of a parcel, lesser than the whole parcel, a graphical representation of an area used for public utilities or pipelines.
Land within a distance of approximately 20 miles on either side of the Snake River (about 40 miles total width) in Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon; also referred to as the 40-mile corridor. Only sites in corridor areas are available for map interface applications.
The portion of Thruway between Interchanges 49 and 53, the Youngmann Expressway (I-290), between I-90 and Interchange 7 (Main Street) for this study's purpose.
A corridor is a general path from one point to another. Originally, this project had three corridors; from the current terminus of SR 509 to Interstate 5 at approximately 208th Street, from the current terminus of SR 509 to Interstate 5 at SR 516, and from the current terminus of SR 509 to S. 272nd Street in Federal Way. The last corridor described was dropped during the screening process due to very high environmental impacts, family and business relocations, and right of way costs.
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Corridor is a collection of short stories by Alfian Sa'at. It was published in 1999 by SNP.
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See cableway.
a densely populated stretch of land; as, the Northeast corridor, extending from Richmond, Virginia into Maine.
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ASL Browser
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the corridor of uncertainty.
The covered way lying round the whole compass of the fortifications of a place.
A restriction on the amount of withdrawals that may be taken from any one contract, usually expressed as a percentage of the contract value, i.e., a "corridor" of 15% would mean that the issuer would only pay book value on withdrawals up to 15% of the contract's current value and any excess could be assessed a market value penalty. Contracts with generalized withdrawal corridors are not considered fully benefit responsive under the AICPA 94-4 statement.
A comparatively level and straight passage which links two or more rooms or chambers.
hallway or passage
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A range around an entity’s best estimate of post-employment benefit obligations. Outside that range, it is not reasonable to assume that actuarial gains or losses will be offset in future years.
In Universal Life insurance, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of pure insurance protection in excess of the accumulation value in order to qualify as life insurance for income tax purposes. This portion of the pure insurance protection is called a "corridor."