Definitions for "Correspondent"
One who communicates information, etc., by letter or telegram to a newspaper or periodical.
One who carries on commercial intercourse by letter or telegram with a person or firm at a distance.
A reporter assigned to cover work away from the home office in another community, province or country. A "string" correspondent is not a full-time employee of the newspaper, and is paid according to the quantity of copy accepted by the newspaper. See also stringer.
A company that originates, processes, and administers mortgage loans or other real estate investments on a continuing basis for investors.
An abbreviated term meaning mortgage loan correspondent. A mortgage banker who services loans as an agent for the owner of the mortgage. Also applies when a mortgage company originates a loan for an investor.
The seller of an Eligible Loan to TMHL pursuant to the terms of the Correspondent Loan Purchase Agreement and this Correspondent Sellers Guide. The term “Correspondent,” when Eligible Loans are sold servicing retained, shall be deemed to mean “Servicer” as used in the Master Servicer Guide.
A local service provider in a country which exchanges traffic with a carrier. For example, British Telecommunication or Mercury could be the U.K. correspondent of a U.S. carrier.
bank, brokerage or other financial institution that performs services for other banks, brokerages or other financial institutions, where the latter does not have direct access.
A financial organization that performs services (acts as an intermediary) in a market for another organization that does not have access to that market.
similar or correspondent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar; "brains and computers are often considered analogous"; "surimi is marketed as analogous to crabmeat"
a person who is willing to receive email correspondence from ToL visitors who have questions or comments about the treehouse
Suitable; adapted; fit; corresponding; congruous; conformable; in accord or agreement; obedient; willing.
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a person who has been trained by us to be able to find a certain type of kid, a kid that we call a "trendsetter" or an "early adopter
The correpondent is the Tree of Life author who agrees to answer inquiries by readers of a Tree of Life page.
For a particular group insurance plan, the person in the policyholder's organization who serves as liaison with the insurer.
One with whom intercourse is carried on by letter.
someone who communicates by means of letters
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See Agent