Definitions for "Correlative"
According to SMA, not a reversible mapping. The basic difference between conversions and correlatives has classicly been where they were placed in attribute defining items. The general consensus is that if it has to be placed on line 7, then it is a conversion. If it only works on line 8, then it must be a correlative. Some of these codes work on both attributes. We are left to decide what to call these. "Convelatives," perhaps? The bottom line is that, currently, all of the codes, with the exception of the "A" (algebraic) and "F" (function) correlatives, may be used in the PICK/BASIC ICONV and OCONV functions, although most of them are not needed since there are specific instructions in PICK/BASIC to emulate their features.
Keywords:  pronoun, antecedent
The antecedent of a pronoun.
Keywords:  variables, two
either of two correlated variables