Definitions for "Corpse"
A human body in general, whether living or dead; -- sometimes contemptuously.
The dead body of a human being; -- used also Fig.
a human being irrevocably altered , incomparably passive, human only in form, having neither will nor personality
a body that exhibits all scientific indications of brain death
a pocket which death turns inside out and empties
a symbol of 'corruption and death
a pleasant thought for a worm, and a worm is a dreadful thought for every living creature
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a 'powerful' source of tumah
n.A corporate executive, a CORPorate Sleaziness expert.
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A lying pose. Lie on your back, palms facing up and your eyes closed. Feet should be hip-width apart.
A flat back landing from toes to head
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To break up laughing while playing a scene. Usually not a good thing to do.
a valuable commodity, and its parts can be worth more than the whole
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The body of a deceased person.