Definitions for "Corporate Plan"
A plan for the future of an organisation. It may encompass the goals of the organisation, the activities it will perform and the resources it will use to carry out those activities, and a timeframe for the execution of the plan.
A document or statement setting out the strategies that the entity intends to follow in the medium term in order to achieve the Government's policy objectives.
The result of a process in which an organization, institution or business analyzes its objectives, priorities, strategies and environment in light of its mandate. A corporate plan looks at the present as well as the longer term. The plan guides the board and staff in a cohesive effort to carry out the organizationâ€(tm)s mandate. It informs everyone involved (including the public and stakeholders) about the organizationâ€(tm)s priorities and objectives. Each year, the Canada Council uses qualitative and quantitative measures to assess how well it is achieving objectives in its corporate plan.
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a forward-looking, detailed document covering a three-year period, which describes how the LDA will use its funds and support