Definitions for "CORP"
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a dynamic, growth-oriented company are continuous to provided exceptional values to our customer, employees, and stakeholders
a Health Product Company dedicated to offering Quality Health Products to the public as well as wholesale to Health Professionals
a leading transportation company in the Northeast providing truckload transportation and local deliveries at competitive rates
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a leader in OCR/ICR/IWR (whole word recognition technology), and document recognition /classification technology used in payment systems, data-entry, mail processing,
a thin-walled expanded portion of the alimentary tract used for the storage of food prior to digestion that is found in many animals, including earthworms , leechs , insects , and birds
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a partnership with the accountability made to poof vanish by a wave of the government's wand
Keywords:  nonprofit, think, tank
a nonprofit Think Tank
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a bricks and mortar AND Internet entity operating together/in parallel. .corps are usually created by traditional brick and mortar entities as a response to on-line retailers. Example: The Gap and
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an army field formation responsible for a sector within a Command
a business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state
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a global provider of
Correction Officers Retirement Plan
n. Corporation.