Definitions for "Coroner"
An officer of the peace whose principal duty is to inquire, with the help of a jury, into the cause of any violent, sudden or mysterious death, or death in prison, usually on sight of the body and at the place where the death occurred.
A public official who holds an inquiry into violent or suspicious deaths. A coroner has the power to summon people to an inquest.
Official who investigates all deaths
Coroner were a Swiss thrash metal band.
Coroner is the penultimate release by the Swiss thrash metal band Coroner. It is technically a compilation album, although it features new material as well as selected songs from the band's previous albums. It is also regarded as their final album, even though it was succeeded by a final compilation of unreleased material in 1996, titled The Unknown Unreleased Tracks 1985-95.
a layperson who relies on medical personnel in the forensic examination whereas a medical examiner is a physician who is often trained in pathology and forensics
a political position, while a medical examiner is a physician, usually a pathologist
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a person who cuts corpses open to find how they died
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