Definitions for "Coronary Disease / Heart Attack"
Keywords:  proline, lysine, efa, ascorbic, ldl
Recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance"Coffee, including decaf, contains significant amounts of Vitamin K which is an important factor for blood coagulation..."
Recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)"...A typical prescription would be 3-6gm vitamin C, 3-6gm lysine and 0..." Recommendation Proline"See links between Increased Risk of Heart Attack and the treatments Lysine and Vitamin C..." Recommendation Lysine"...The naturally occurring amino acids lysine and proline assist Lp(a) in its deposition and binding to stressed or injured vascular wall sites..."
Recommendation High/Increased Fiber Diet"...In particular, soluble fiber alters and lowers fat and cholesterol absorption in the large bowel, helping to reduce LDL, the ‘bad' cholesterol..."