Definitions for "Coronary"
Of or pertaining to a crown; forming, or adapted to form, a crown or garland.
Resembling, or situated like, a crown or circlet; as, the coronary arteries and veins of the heart.
Informal shortening of coronary thrombosis, also used informally to mean heart attack.
Malignant Tomography
Myoglobin Tomography
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Neonatal Thermoregulation
Microbiology Thalassemia
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Narcotic Tachykinins
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Myeloma Sulfites
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Lupus Symptomatic
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Mesothelioma Stenosis
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Coronary (James Sharp) is a fictional mutate character in the Marvel Comics Universe whose first appearance was in New Warriors vol. 1 #4. He is a member of Psionex.
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Micronutrients Tetanus
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Maxillary Skeletal
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Nalbuphine Thermal
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Ofloxacin Vaginal
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Microscopy Systemic
Membrane Supplementation
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A small bone in the foot of a horse.