Definitions for "Cornmeal"
Ground corn (maize).
(also known as polenta) A yellow, grainy powder made from yellow ground corn. It is similar to semolina in texture. Tortillas and cornbread are two of the most common cornmeal based foods. However, cornmeal is versatile enough to be used in both sweet and savory dishes. White cornmeal is also available.
Made from milled corn or maize. Also known as Polenta.
great for exfoliating soaps; offers a bit of a yellow beige color; no scent and doesn't typically effect other fragrances
Cornmeal is used as an exfoliant (dead skin remover). It is often found as an ingredient in soaps. Go to the Fruits & Vegetables Dictionary and look up Corn.
Insects(AOAC 981.19) Average of 1 or more whole insects (or equivalent) per 50 grams Insect filth(AOAC 981.19) Average of 25 or more insect fragments per 25 grams Rodent filth(AOAC 981.19) Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 25 grams OR Average of 1 or more rodent excreta fragment per 50 grams DEFECT SOURCE: Insects and insect fragments - preharvest and/or post harvest and/or processing insect infestation, Rodent hair and excreta fragments - post harvest and/or processing contamination with animal hair or excreta SIGNIFICANCE: Aesthetic
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Milled from corn and corn cobs, these natural abrasives are effective, yet safe, for your skin.
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