Definitions for "Core Team"
The Core Team is a group formed to act as lead facilitators in implementing and evaluating the O-AIM in the local context. The Core Team immerses themselves in the model and its practice to a greater degree than anyone else in the system - they are the link between the O-AIM Facilitator and the system undergoing change, and they must understand both the model and the local context. The Core Team is also responsible for sustaining the effort once the O-AIM Facilitator is gone. See also Facilitator
Individuals, representing different project functions, who are responsible for project planning and making project decisions. Typically, the Core Team is made up of the best available 5 to 7 individuals who are each representing one or more of the functions that are most affected by, or that most affect, the success of the project. Compare with Extended Team.
Those health agency staff involved in the comprehensive cancer planning process as a regular part of their responsibilities.