Definitions for "Corduroy"
A sort of cotton velveteen, having the surface raised in ridges.
Trousers or breeches of corduroy.
This strong, durable fabric is made with vertically cut wales on medium to heavyweight cotton pile. The original name "corde du roi" means "cord of the king".
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To form of logs laid side by side.
logs placed transversely along a road, usually with branches intact, and covered with fill material, to "float" the road over soft subsoils.
Road, trail or bridge formed by logs laid transversely, side by side, to facilitate crossing swampy areas. D - F
Corduroy were a 4-piece acid jazz outfit based in London, that was formed around twins Ben and Scott Addison, who were previously in former Sire Records act Boys Wonder. Joining the twins in the band was Richard Searle, who was in another band that was a contemporary of Boys Wonder in the mid to late 1980s called Doctor and the Medics and guitarist Simon Nelson-Smith. Corduroy released three eclectic albums on Acid Jazz Records and then moved over to Big Cat Records.
"Corduroy" is the eighth track on Pearl Jam's 1994 album, Vitalogy. The song has become a concert favorite, although in concert it is generally played at a slightly faster tempo. It begins with an eerie riff played as an arpeggio of the first two notes of a power chord.
Corduroy is a 1968 book written by Don Freeman, and published by Viking Press. It tells the story of a teddy bear named Corduroy, who is bought in a toy shop by a girl named Lisa. Among Corduroy's other friends at the store are Buckaroo the horse and Rosetta the rat.
Swell lines that look like corduroy. See this corduroy swell picture that illustrates it perfectly.