Definitions for "cordless"
Eliminating the traditional exposed cord. Easily adjustment is allowed by lifting or lowering the shade by hand. Cordless eliminates danger of dangling cords to children and pets.
Spring motor activation option allowing the shade to be raised or lowered with a push or pull on the bottomrail, eliminating traditional operation cords.
Cordless blinds and shades can be raised by simply moving the bottom rail to the desired position. This type of mechanism allows one-handed operation, eliminates dangling cords and presents a streamlined appearance.
operating without a wire connection to the companion communicating unit; -- of telephones and other devices using e.g. radio or infrared signals to allow communication between devices without a direct wire link; as, cordless telephones have a very restricted range compared with cellular phones.
wireless link between the telephone receiver and the handset
A term generally applied to radio technology in which a handset is used within a restricted distance from its corresponding base station.
using a battery as a source of power; -- of tools which usually use line current for power; as, cordless electric drills are very convenient for use outdoors; cordless razors make shaving while travelling easy.
Cordless appliances offer a number of advantages over Corded ones. Power cords can be kept shorter and the appliance can simply be picked up and replaced on the base during use. The standard cordless system is used with Immersed Heater Systems.
The term cordless literally means without a cord and is generally used to refer to powered electrical or electronic devices that are able to operate from a portable power source (e.g., a battery pack) without any cable or "cord" to limit the mobility of the device through connection to a fixed electrical supply such as an outlet, generator, or other centralized power source.