Definitions for "COPY EDITING"
Checking a manuscript for spelling, grammar, syntax, and content errors. (Also see "substantive editing" and "proofreading.")
Finding and eliminating grammatical, spelling or similar errors, and checking for style conformity.
Editing that is intended to catch spelling errors, grammatical errors, and other typos in all text before it is sent to the printer. Copy editors also ensure that all text abides by proper style, usually according to a combination of the Associate Press Style Book and the magazine's own style guide. Copy editors check all editorial copy in the magazine, including headlines, captions, credits, coverlines and bylines. Copy editors are usually not responsible for making line edits or conceptual edits in text.
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A phase of publishing that requires little or no budget, is considered of slight importance, and may be omitted at the option of the publisher.
putting something into a form suitable for a printer
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The process of approving and changing written text or scripts before final approval.