Definitions for "Copper Toxicity"
Recommendation Heavy Metal Detoxification / Avoidance"If copper levels are very high, treatment with DMSA, penicillamine or EDTA may be needed..."
The Condition"...Copper toxicity is usually due to ... the increasingly common problem of low levels of zinc in the diet..." Recommendation Zinc" Zinc and manganese with vitamin C remove copper from the tissues..." Recommendation Manganese"Vitamin C, zinc and manganese all interfere with copper absorption..."
Relationship to Molybdenum Need"The exact mechanism by which molybdenum prevents copper toxicity is poorly understood..." Recommendation Molybdenum"Since high levels of copper in the body or diet may result in molybdenum insufficiency and cause low uric acid levels, reducing copper toxicity can result in normalizing uric acid and molybdenum levels..."
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The Condition"... Red blood cell copper levels may be a good test to measure increased copper levels as well..."