Definitions for "copper"
A common metal of a reddish color, both ductile and malleable, and very tenacious. It is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity. Symbol Cu. Atomic weight 63.3. It is one of the most useful metals in itself, and also in its alloys, brass and bronze.
Ductile, malleable metal that occurs naturally. Used by Romans to make bronze and coins.
As A Treatment"...If you take a copper supplement, you should consider also taking zinc, unless you are treating high zinc levels or a copper deficiency..."
A soft, pure metal, usually used for accent detailing. It oxidizes to a distinctive green color when exposed to the air.
a component of several enzymes involved in the synthesis and maintenance of elastic connective tissue, the mobilization of iron stores, and synthesis of the body pigment melanin, as well as being involved in bone collagen stabililization. Deficiencies have been implicated in ruptures of the aorta or uterine arteries in aged foaling mares. Trace element – essential for muscle function and haemoglobin, keratin and cartilage formation. Very important for young growing horses.
A mineral that helps increase, and maintain hemoglobin levels in red blood cells. Copper is necessary for the utilization of iron. Liver is a superb source of copper.
See brew kettle.
Another name for the brew kettle.
The brewing kettle, named for its traditional material of construction.
A coin made of copper; a penny, cent, or other minor coin of copper.
old penny
An elongate rolled on a pre-1982 penny. These pennies were produced from 'pure' copper and are preferred by many collectors.
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Large vessel in which wort is boiled for one to two hours with the addition of hops.
vessel in which additives such as hops and adjuncts are added to the liquor from the mash tun
Vessel used to boil the sugary wort with hops.
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Copper is a GUI tool to aid developpers using Oracle or MySQL. It presents sql query results in a table. You can select/update/insert etc. Copper supports single click updates, syntax highlighting and lets you browse your tables and columns.
Copper is the feature-wise Linux port of the Windows-only software Golden32 by Benthic. It allows developers to view data in a table format rather than in SQLplus, and lets you do select, insert, update, delete, commit, and rollback. It supports Oracle and MySql, and features a tabbed view to manager your queries, syntax highlighting, right-click updates, and a table/column browser.
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Copper was an emo or emocore band based in Buffalo, NY in the mid-1990s. They released a self-titled 7-inch in 1994 before releasing a full-length album, Drag Queen, in 1994. Upon their break-up, Klahn joined Texas Is the Reason while Ball moved to California to form Idle Hands, who were signed to Trustkill Records.
(das) Kupfer Etymology: lat. aes cuprum: Ore of Cyprus, origin: gr.: κϒψρος 'kypros': name of the island Cyprus, were copper ores were mined since prehistoric times. Copper (Cu) has a melting point of 1083,4°C.
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As A Treatment"...Soybeans supply copper, as do dark leafy greens and some dried fruits such as prunes; cocoa, black pepper and yeast are also sources..."
An ion that is a vital yeast nutrient at low levels but that can poison yeast at high levels.
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A vessel, especially a large boiler, made of copper.
the boilers in the galley for cooking; as, a ship's coppers.
Copper is a comic strip by Kazu Kibuishi that has enjoyed both webcomic and print appearances.
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a member of the BSAP
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Traces of copper which are not significant to health occur naturally in many water sources and significant concentrations may occur at consumers' taps as a consequence of copper pipes. The concentrations present in water do not present any risk to health. 3000 µg/l
Copper (as well as silver and gold) is compatible with glass; in other words, it expands at about the same rate as glass. So, copper wire, flecks, sheets or pipes can be incorporated into glass forms.
Copper pipe, copper sheet, copper sheets & manufacturers of copper tubing.
The MCL is 1 mg/L. At 1 mg/L, the water may taste bitter and is highly toxic and may disrupt the metabolic processes, especially for children. For freshwater the concentration should be less than 0.036 mg/L.
Copper is a C extension to make parallel programing more easily. Cu is a preprocessor that converts Copper files to C files using PVM as underlying parallel programing interface.
This micronutrient is an internal catalyst and acts as an electron carrier; it is also believed to play a role in nitrogen fixation.
any of various small butterflies of the family Lycaenidae having copper colored wings
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generally a money currency used at certain MMOG
Cause crosstalk interference on an extender
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When one gambler "fades" takes the opposing side of another gamblers bet, position or opinion.
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The positive leg of type T thermocouple.
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Deep South] Pitch in Razor Dance
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a slang term for a Helicopter
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Copper Foil Technique Core
The traditional material used to make plates for etching and engraving.
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The two outermost pins of a new frame
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To cover or coat with copper; to sheathe with sheets of copper; as, to copper a ship.
coat with a layer of copper
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River Rock
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Basic element of nature, used by every cell in the body.
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